"the treehouse retreats was the perfect getaway from my hectic new york life. the property is beautiful, the food was amazing and the group of women that attended were fantastic. kat, our yoga instructor, gave everyone personal attention and helped each of us reach a deeper level in our practice. heather provided such a warm and welcoming atmosphere, i didn't want to leave. i left feeling lighter physically, emotionally, spiritually and with a smile on my face... i can't wait to go back." - kia.

friday 23rd - sunday 25th OCTOBER 2015

 "restore: release: replenish" with monica shaka


according to the ancient texts, we come into this world endowed with light. we are, in fact, expressions of light. but our awareness of this becomes clouded by constant externalized attention and over- stimulation. 

in this weekend workshop we shall work towards getting back in touch with our inner light through asanas, pranayama exercises and meditation. 

asanas simultaneously help strengthen and soften the body hence releasing blockages and allowing a better flow of our energy channels. the evening classes will be yin oriented concentrating on hip openers and heart/chest openers. the morning classes will be a vinyasa practice with special attention to alignment. 

pranayama is a key remedy for decongesting & re-balancing our nervous system, the nadis (subtle channels of energy), and for unveiling the light within. we will practice different kinds of pranayama exercises. 

meditation brings us closer to an inner state of peace by calming and strengthening the mind, naturally bringing us towards a connection with our higher self. meditation will be part of our evening class. 

some previous experience is preferable but not obligatory.
bring your good humour and the rest will fall into place! 



email heather@thetreehouseretreats.com for more info

monica shaka has been practicing yoga for 20 years. she started her practice in tokyo with rajay mahatni with the intention of alleviating her scoliosis and related problems. very quickly she discovered that the benefits surpassed her expectations of physical comfort. she continued with an ashtanga practice in london for a few years and then deepened her postural knowledge of alignment and asanas through an iyengar practice in paris where she was lucky to have access to the ʻspecial caseʼ group ( 3 teachers per student). she has been fortunate to take classes led by corinne biria, faeq biria (blacons), andre rivoire and maryam askari to name a few. 

monica is extremely happy to be able to share the multifaceted benefits of practicing asanas and integrating yoga into every day life. accredited with a 200h yogaworks diploma taught by celine antoine, monica teaches a mixture of ashtanga and iyengar postures taking the time to detail alignment but keeping a regular flow. 

she has attended a pranayama intensive workshop by master sudari tiwari and tries to encompass all aspects of yoga philosophy within her classes with the simple aim of moving towards a better state of body, and mind.
monica also has a deep understanding of the body thanks to her
ʻtherapeutic and swedish massageʼ diploma from the ʻschool of integrative therapiesʼ in new jersey.

sunday 11th- tuesday 13th OCTOBER 2015

"yoga + meditation" with jessica bellofatto

jessica bellofatto, founder and director of kama deva yoga, is best known for her easy laughter, radiant energy, and extensive knowledge of the body. a momma of three, yogini, doula, home birth advocate, surfer, triathlete, avid stand up paddle boarder, SUP racer, and one of the pioneers of SUP YOGA (yoga on the paddleboard) jessica has inspired thousands of students in their journey to better understand themselves and their world. she herself has been a dedicated student of hatha yoga for the past twenty years. a former dancer, jessica teaches from a deep understanding of movement as art, movement as play, movement as therapy, and especially, movement as a spiritual practice. she is also interested in the stillness within and between the movement; the spaciousness of silence. jessica’s dream for herself and her students is that we may come to remember the love, the beauty, and the miracle of who we truly are, and that we may access this truth through the body. through reveling in movement, whether it be yoga, dance, surfing, running, swimming, paddling; we learn to honor and respect this incredible gift and gain health, vitality, and happiness in the process. as we dive deeper, we move beyond the level of the physical body to something even greater and more fulfilling.

friday 19th - sunday 21st JUNE 2015 

 "find your balance" with kat pummill.


kat pummill is an RYT-200 vinyasa instructor based in chicago. her classes offer a unique style of playfulness, exploration and motivation that inspire her students to take their practice to the next level - both on and off the mat. 

kat completed her 200-hour intensive training in 2014 in bali, and brings the spirituality and beauty she discovered there with her in every class she teaches. she has also spent additional time expanding her practice with renowned teachers maty ezraty and kathryn budig, both of whom she considers to be inspirational in her approach to yoga. 

kat is also a certified nutritional health coach and author of health & wellness blog, the fit girls kitchen, which offers healthy recipes and wellness articles for those in search of a happy, balanced life.

join kat for her upcoming retreat to unwind, reconnect and discover what makes you come alive.